GA36 Suitable for all position. Designed for mid-short distance and

heavy-duty transport on national and provincial roads,

suitable for all position.


– Cap zero belt explosion proof design, effectively improve the cap

loading capacity under heavy loading conditions.

– The unique pattern design of the folding line guarantees good  

driving performance and anti-biasing performance. 

– Low heat-generating tread recipe and heat-dissipating  

shoulder pattern design, effectively reducing

the risk of shoulder quality

under heavy load.

HF21 Suitable for steer and trailer position. Designed for standard,

long-distance, high-speed on high- speed, national and

provicial roads, suitable for steer and trailer position.


– The high-speed special super wearable tread recipe design

ensures higher mileage in mixed road conditions

such as high speed and national road.

– Cap high-strength special four-belt captechnology, low heat-

generating tread under layer rubber formula design,

shouldermaterial optimization design technology,

inhibiting deformed wear and reducing the quality

risk of shoulder explosion, chipping,

groove crack, crown off and so on.

– Optimized profile design, special fine lines treatment,

improve the grip of wet road surface, safe,

comfortable and fuel-efficient.

CA10 Suitable for all position. Designed for urban road bus, suitable

for bus passenger transport all positions.


– The special reinforcement design of the toe ensures the braking

and bead bearing and aging performance of the   brakes.

– The specific bus pattern design ensures a strong wet grip

and ensures excellent braking performance.

– Specific steel sheet fine grain design ensures uniform

wear of the cap under frequent brakes.

– The thickened sidewall and scratch-resistant to

prevent premature damage to the tire by

scratching the sidewall.

RA85 Suitable for all position. Designed for standard overload, medium,

short, medium and long distance, medium speed on national roads,

provincial roads, country roads, etc., suitable all position

(steer and trailer position recommended).


– Unique three-line longitudinal groove, variable angle profile contour

design, anti-cracking, anti-grooving, puncture resistance,

anti-smashing block, inhibiting   deformed grinding.

– Reinforced carcass and bead structure, improve the toe fatigue

fracture resistance, reduce the quality risk of the toe

opening, crackimg, explosion, etc.

– Specific tread for heavy lading and low heat generation recipe

effectively reduces the quality risk of shoulder explosion,

chipping, groove splitting and crown removal under

overload and overspeed conditions.

– Cap zero belt explosion proof design, effectively improve

the cap loading capacity, enhancing the puncture

resistance andexplosion proof performance

under mixed conditions.